Providing custom compounded medications allows patients to be the healthiest they can be by adapting their treatment to meet their specific needs and overcome treatment obstacles.

Compounded medications are used for many reasons. Often we need to change a medication from a solid tablet to an oral liquid or even a topical cream or gel. Compounding can help avoid ingredients that cause an allergic reaction. Sometimes manufacturers discontinue medications that patients still need and often those medications can be compounded. Compounding can also combine several medications into one to help simplify complicated medication regimens.

Compounding can be used to help Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy by compounding a hormone therapy to the patient’s exact need. The hormones used are bio-identical and cause less unwanted side effects.

Veterinarians often prefer compounded medications because flavoring can be added to help the owner give medications to their animals. We offer chicken, salmon, sardine, tuna, and beef flavoring.

Our pharmacist has compounding training and works with specialized equipment to provide you with commercial quality compounded products.